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Our breath is perhaps the greatest connector of all. It connects us to our planet. When we breathe out, plants breathe in. Our breath connects our bodies with our minds–when we slow down, we think better.
— Michael Townsend Williams
A message from nature

A message from nature

Breathing is the only system in the body that works both unconsciously and, at the same time, can be consciously controlled. You can breathe away stress. You can breathe your mind into focus. You can breathe yourself into the present moment.

I was once asked by someone coaching me what I would say to my chidren on my death bed if I only had a few moments with them. This is what I said:

Slow your breathing down. Breathe from your belly. Breathe through your nose. Lengthen your exhalations. Your breath is always with you. And so am I.

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