Designing a Stress-killer App


The 10 design commandments Of Dieter Rams That guide us everyday.


1. Good design is innovative.
BreatheSync brings together technology first used on Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, with our bodies natural rhythm inspired by how babies breathe and makes it accessible to everyone with an iPhone.

2. Good design makes a product useful.
We know you forget to do things. We know you forget to carry around things you need. We know you don’t have much free time. We know you get stressed over little things. BreatheSync is with you wherever you have your iPhone, whenever you need it. It’s designed around you as you really are.

3. Good design is aesthetic.
We believe something designed to reduce your stress should be simple, uncluttered and soothing to the eye. We threw away hundreds of designs before deciding on this one. We think it has charm, we hope you agree.

4. Good design helps a product to be understood.
The technology, mathematics, physiological analysis and measurements taken by BreatheSync are cutting edge. The way they are explained and displayed however is as simple and straightforward as possible. Our WQ score makes it easy for you to track your well-being as it is based on the same index as IQ is for your intelligence.

5. Good design is unobtrusive.
You can use BreatheSync with sound or without and with visuals or without. No expensive additional devices. No complicated settings. Nothing to get in the way of the experience of being at one with your breath and your heart.

6. Good design is honest.
BreatheSync is free. When you want you to support us more we will ask you. All your data is anonymous and your privacy is always at the centre of our thinking.


7. Good design is durable.
The thinking behind BreatheSync — to help you breathe better to reduce stress — will follow you whatever your mobile device in future. We are committed to making this life-enhancing technology available to everyone, everywhere. Now that’s an idea that will last.

8. Good design is consistent to the last detail.
It’s difficult to keep things simple. But that’s what we do — from our logo, to our support site, to our website … to our app — we value every little part of your journey and ours. If you can think of any way to make it even better please let us know.

9. Good design is environmentally friendly.
We have no offices. We have no company cars. In fact we have no physical product. We travel light. And if you feel less stressed through using BreatheSync you will too. Thinking more clearly, you will buy less stuff you don’t need. Feeling more relaxed, you will make better decisions about your health and the planet we live on. Together, we really can breathe the world better.

10. Good design is as little design as possible.
It takes guts to keep things simple. Everyone wants more. More features. More options. More possibilities. We want less. Less distraction. Less noise. Less stress. We truly believe less is more. Ultimately, BreatheSync is reconnecting you with yourself and the benefits of that are felt for a long time after you’ve finished using it.

Have you started to follow your heart yet?