Let’s Breathe The World Better, Together.

We live in a society that actively promotes a way of life that makes us unwell…

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Hours in front of screens with constant interruptions from email, notifications, ads and messages — at work, on our mobile phones and at home. The ensuing stress and confusion in our minds leads us to eat stuff that’s unhealthy, buy stuff we don’t need and say things we don’t mean to people we’re meant to care about. Is this the kind of society we want our children to grow up in?

So who profits from this — the advertisers, the media and the technology companies? Stress pays. Stressed out people make bad decisions, and companies profit from this. So where will the answer come from?


We need to make better decisions. We need to manage our stress levels better. Fortunately, inside everyone of us is the in-built technology to manage stress well. Our breath.

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day. Wouldn’t it be great if at least a couple of those times were to tune in rather than out?

I believe the power of technology to create habits and behaviours should be improving our health and wellbeing, not just the profits of greedy corporations.

We have the technology, we have the knowledge — now we need to have the belief and commitment to reverse the global trends in stress, mental health and obesity. We need to heal ourselves. We need to get better.

How can the massive challenges that the world faces around climate change, conflict and poverty be addressed by people who can’t even look after their own wellbeing?

If we can breathe ourselves better, maybe then we can breathe the world better.

This is why I created BreatheSync, making breathing a cool and engaging way for millions of people around the world to track and improve their wellbeing. With users in 100 countries, we were blown away when over 14,500 people downloaded in a one day free promotion after my Do Lectures talk went online.


BreatheSync is an app that helps people to improve their health and wellbeing by teaching them to breathe in sync with their heart beat, reducing stress and increasing productivity. At the end of a session you also get your WQ — Wellbeing Quotient, which is an excellent biomarker of general health.

Imagine cities and corporations competing to raise the WQ of their citizens and employees. No more well-meaning wellbeing schemes that make the organisation feel good but make no difference to the individual. Imagine preventing the build up of unhealthy levels of stress in the first place.

Who will be the first organisation to appoint a Chief Wellbeing Officer that values people over profits? I bet they will also make higher profits too — people are after all most organisations most valuable asset.

Imagine tracking the wellbeing performance of your government in real-time with your country’s average WQ.

Which country will have the first Minister of Wellbeing? (My guess is Canada)

If you can help me breathe the world better, please get in touch.


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