The Art of Welldoing



The art of welldoing.

The power of breathing to calm your mind, find focus and get stuff done.

The power of breathing.

We breathe around 23,000 times every day. How many do you remember? 

We take our breath for granted. For many, it’s just about getting in oxygen.

The amazing benefits of something literally under our noses are surprisingly little known. As the only system in the body that works both unconsciously and consciously we can change how we breathe whenever we like.

How we breathe is connected to many other systems in the body:

The cardiovascular system.
The hormone system.
The digestive system.
The brain.
The nervous system.

And more.

By breathing in a better rhythm, more often, you are helping many other systems function better too.

The benefits of breathing well.


Lowered stress

Slow controlled breathing lowers your heart rate, relaxes your muscles and dampens the stress response. And as we all get too stressed too often over too many little things, it’s a great way to prevent chronic stress. 


Clarity of mind

In the complex lives we lead, learning to pause and reflect and gain perspective is an essential tool to ensure we are clear about what really matters to us. Awareness of your breath brings your attention from your thoughts to your feelings, creating mental space and feeling more present.


Improved health

Breathing not only improves your mental health but also can also lower blood pressure. As your resilience improves your immune system gets stronger too so you can cope and recover faster from illness.


More focus and attention

Whatever your intention, if you can't control your attention then you won't be able to control the direction of your life. With more companies and technologies vying for our attention, we all have a simple choice to make: learn the art of self-control or be controlled more by others. What would you prefer?


Enhanced brain function

Nasal breathing has been shown to improve the cognitive performance of the brain. As you breathe better, you really do think better too.


Increased confidence

Leaning into difficult areas of your life is challenging and stressful. So much so that often we avoid them. Breathing slowly and deeply can help you push through some of these tricky moments, building resilience, courage and confidence on the way.

Learning how to use your breath to calm your mind, find focus and get stuff done is what we’re all about. We call it ‘welldoing’ and it’s really important when you’re doing work that matters, not only to you, but everyone else and the planet too.

The art of welldoing - beta programme.

During this 14 day programme (yes we did plan 30 but this is the beta of that!), you will learn how to:

  1. Install | Try out the app

  2. Basics | Breathe yourself better

  3. Biohack | The science behind our tech

  4. Relax | Calm your mind and body

  5. Be | Find time for more me-time

  6. Practice | Every breath matters

  7. Do | Mind full to mindful

  8. Flow | Get in the zone

  9. Create | Inspire yourself

  10. You | Be your best self

Each of the above is an email, which will include videos, tips and insights as I share how to weave some welldoing into your daily lives.

3 things

1. If you have any problems with the app, let us know.

2. If you have any questions about breathing, ask us.

3. If you have any feedback, comments or ideas, please share.

Why not try this now?

Just notice your breathing more, and how it’s connected to how you feel.

What's next?


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Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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