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Time to install.

Not using an iPhone?

For this beta programme we are only able to support iPhone users, but we will be bringing out an Android version very soon!

Simply reply to this email and we will let you know when it is available. 

3 simple steps to breathe better now.


1. Install Testflight.

Do Breathe is in private beta, so the process to install our beta app is slightly different to installing a public app from the app store.

To do this, we use Testflight - an Apple app that lets us test things privately.

To get started, open this email on your iPhone, if you’re not already on it, then.....

Tap here to install Testflight

2. Install Do Breathe (Beta) app.

Then install the Do Breathe (Beta) app.

Tap here to install Do Breathe Beta

3. Move Do Breathe to your homescreen.

Finally, why not move a stressful app off your home screen and put Do Breathe there instead?

That’s it! 

You are now on your way to breathing yourself better!

Any installation issues? Please tap here to let us know (or simply reply to this email)

What should I expect?

Do Breathe is a completely new app built with the biofeedback breathing technology we created called BreatheSync® - the world’s first on an iPhone in 2013.

The app creates a personalised breathing rhythm, optimised just for you by following changes in your pulse while you breathe. We do this by analysing tiny colour changes in you finger when you rest it over your iPhone camera.

As you follow the breathing, your heart gets into a better rhythm. As heart rhythm gets into sync, your brain gets into a better place too.

Using Do Breathe regularly will improve your resilience - your ability to cope and recover from stress - and your ability to get work that matters done too.

It’s still an early version of the app though - your feedback and ideas will be what makes it great! Hit reply to these emails at anytime to let me know what you do and don’t like.

Why not try this now?

Open Do Breathe, register and give it a try for one minute.

Then, if you've not already done so, why not move a stressful app off your home screen and put Do Breathe there instead?

Making things you want to do less harder, and things you want to do more easier is a great way to change your habits for the better.

Can you use your phone to tune in, not out?

Open Do Breathe App

"Make your breath your constant companion."
Michael Townsend Williams

What's next ?

See you tomorrow morning for the start of the programme.

Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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