The Art of Welldoing

09 | 10 - Create


Unlock your creativity.

Ideas come to those who relax more.

It's Friday!

Feeling ready for the weekend? Or still struggling to get through the day?

Lacking inspiration? Lost for ideas? Lost in a social media black hole?

Often, when we feel our creative energy levels are low, the first place we look to replenish them is also the place that zaps them even more.

Change something, and breathe.

We are all programmed from an early age to believe that effort is always required to achieve something.

And yes, often this is true.

Yet, with creativity often what’s needed is change. A change of tempo. A change of place. A change of light, atmosphere and environment.

When you breathe deeply for a minute you stop thinking about the ‘problem’. This allows your mind to wander and and tap into the power of your unconscious mind. And that’s not to be underestimated.

Trust your unconscious mind.

95% of your brain is unconscious. Why stifle your creativity by only focussing on the 5% that’s conscious?

In fact, in research in the USA the top 3 places that employees got new ideas were in the shower, on the way to work and on holiday. Places and times where they were really relaxed!

So how can you relax more in the office, or your place of work?

  • Turn down the lights.

  • Close your eyes and breathe deeply for a few minutes.

  • Look outside even if you can’t go outside.

  • Walk slowly around the office to get your body moving.

  • And obviously breathe slowly and deeply whenever you can.

  • Take out a notebook, doodle, write and play with your ideas.

Trust your unconscious mind to do it’s magic!

3 things to note

1. Capture ideas when they arise.

2. Take more breaks.

3. Make time for your subconscious to do the work.

Why not try this now?

  • Try breathing with your Do Breathe app to stimulate your creativity.

  • Take a creativity break at work and see what new ideas emerge.

  • (Keep a notebook to hand to capture any nuggets)

  • Notice how you feel.

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“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”
George Bernard Shaw


What's next ?

On Sunday morning, we'll close this two week programme, with a recap, and a reminder to be more you.

Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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