The Art of Welldoing

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Mind full to mindful.

From overthinking to actually doing something, fast.

Happy Monday?

It’s Monday. Unless you’re a lucky one, you may already be feeling a little overwhelmed? (If not, hit reply and tell us how!)

Too much to do? Too many things on your mind?

For many this can lead to decision paralysis. Or worse, doing things that shouldn’t have been done in the first place.

To go from mind full to mindful can seem impossible.

So let’s make it do-able. 

Bringing clarity.


Before looking at what’s on your mind let’s get your breathing and heart into balance first. As your heart gets into a smooth rhythm it sends positive signals to your brain. So within minutes you can start thinking more clearly again.

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1. Calm your mind.


Empty your head of any issues that are on your mind. Writing down one thing per page.

Then Do Breathe for one minute or more. Once you have breathed yourself into a more calm and centred place, take out a small pad and pen.

2. Find focus.

Look through all these issues until you can choose the most important one to you right now.

Ask yourself what a successful outcome would look like? Imagine the feeling when it’s actually done.

3. Get stuff done.

What is the very next action to get closer to that goal?  If it takes 2 minutes or less, just do it. 

3 things to note

1. Write stuff down.

2. Choose one successful outcome.

3. Focus on the very next action, and do it now, if it takes 2 minutes or less.


Why not try this now?


  • Try breathing with your Do Breathe app when you next feel decision paralysis.

  • When you feel indecisive, get in sync and make better decisions with a calmer mind.

  • Notice how that makes you feel.

“Breath is the bridge that connects life to consciousness, the bridge that unites your body to your thoughts. Whenever your mind becomes scattered, use your breath as the means to take hold of your mind again.”
Thich Nhat Hanh


What's next ?

On Wednesday, let's take this a step further and use breathing to help achieve a state of flow, and get in the zone to do your best work.

A little gift from us

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Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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