The Art of Welldoing

06 | 10 - Practice


Practice leads to progress.

Make breathing better a daily habit.

How are you getting on?

One of the cool things that happens when people use Do Breathe regularly is that even when they’re not using the app, they tend to breathe more slowly.

But to be able to use your breath effectively when you suddenly need it - to bring you out of a negative spiral or give your mind a break - you do need to practice regularly. Your breathing is like a muscle and the more you practice, the more effective it gets. 

How are you getting on so far?

If you’re getting into it, maybe try and Do Breathe longer and more often.
Say 3 minute sessions, 3 times a day?

If you’re finding it hard to remember, start small.
Make the duration only one minute. And start just once a day.

We know it can be hard to get into a new habit, so here are some simple ideas to help.


3 things to note

1. Link to existing habits

2. Start small

3. Track your progress

You never know when you need to be fully present. Or which moments will matter most? Make sure you’re ready to respond well to whatever life brings your way. Do Breathe, every day.

Why not try this now?

  • Try breathing with your Do Breathe app for 2 mins now.

  • Why not change your phone or desktop wallpaper image and make it something more calm?

  • Notice how you feel.

Open Do Breathe App

Slow down, it's Sunday!

It’s Sunday, so we’re slowing down.

If you have any questions, just hit reply and we’ll get back to you tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here are some other ideas for slowing your Sunday down.

Slow music.
Chill out to the most relaxing music in the world by Mozart.


Slow film.
Into Great Silence - a film about silent monks.


Slow food.
Take time
making something delicious with Anna Jones.


“What is called our experience is almost entirely determined by our habits of attention.”
William James


What's next ?

Tomorrow I will show how breathing can help you Do, going from mind full to mindful.

Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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