The Art of Welldoing

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Find your me-moments.


Take a minute to reset.

Calm down fast.

How are you feeling now? Rushing about or coasting into the weekend? If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed now why not Do Breathe now. Or whenever you need to today.

You might not feel you have time for yoga, or meditation, or running, or whatever. But you can always find a minute to breathe.

Don’t underestimate how just one minute of breathing can give you a me-moment, space for your mind to just pause for a while.

Calm down fast, whenever and wherever you need to.


3 things

1. There is always time for me-time.

2. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, first stop and breathe.

3. Notice your feelings as much as your thoughts.

Why not try this now?

  • Try breathing with your Do Breathe app when you need to get calm and centred fast.

  • Look at your day ahead. Is there anything, an event, a meeting, that you are stressed about?

  • Why not add a reminder to yourself to use Do Breathe 5 minutes before that (maybe you use a calendar, your to-do list, whatever works for you?).

  • (Try silent mode - tap speaker icon top left in app.)

  • Notice how you handled the situation and how you felt.

Open Do Breathe App

“In as little as one minute of focused breathing it’s possible to completely clear the bloodstream of the stress hormone cortisol.’

Tony Schwartz
(Harvard Business Review, 2012)


What's next ?

See you on Sunday morning with an email about getting into the practice of breathing better.

Breathe well. Be well. Do well.


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